What’s in the name COSMOS for Sailing Charters? 

Solar Sail - Sailing ChartersThe name of our business was inspired after the first solar sail spacecraft ever constructed in human history.

Built in Russia, COSMOS 1 was designed to soar into space at the tip of a submarine-launched rocket. There it was to spread its giant wings, and fly/sail on the power of sunlight pressure alone.

In July 2005, a mishap during launch with a failed first stage rocket, the spacecraft did not enter Earth orbit. Although COSMOS 1, the first solar sail, never had a chance to test its revolutionary technology, more solar space craft will be launched in the future. The more recent project for the solar sail spacecraft is now called LightSail-1.

It is imagined that solar sailing will one day be the answer to interstellar travel because huge amounts of rocket fuel will not be necessary to travel vast distances through space.
A solar sail, simply put, is a spacecraft that is pushed forward simply by light from the Sun.

Just as in terrestrial 'down to Earth' sailing where you hoist or unfurl your sails and catch the wind, in space you hoist your space sails and catch the light.

Although humanity is not yet ready to sail in space, come join us on Earth at COSMOS Yacht Charters for Sailing Charters and Cruises that are out of this World!!

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