For our USA customers seeking American Sailing Association (ASA) certification, you can achieve that certification automatically with COSMOS if you obtain the equivalent Sail Canada (formally CYA) certificate with us.

Both the Sail Canada and ASA have identical curriculums.  Each country Association issues their own logbooks to students.  Upon successful completion of each course, students receive a Sail Canada or ASA 'sticker' they add into the appropriate section of their logbooks for proof of achieving the standard obtained.

Canadians holding Sail Canada certifications can obtain the equivalent American Sailing Assoc. (ASA) certifications by coping the appropriate pages (with stickers) of their Sail Canada logbook and sending them to ASA Headquarters in California, USA.  The Sail Canada holders will automatically be granted cross-certification with the ASA for the same standards achieved.  

Similarly, Americans holding ASA certifications can also obtain Sail Canada certifications by copying the appropriate pages (with stickers) of their ASA logbook and send them to Sail Canada Headquarters in Ontario, Canada.  The ASA holders will automatically be granted cross-certification with Sail Canada for the same standards achieved.   

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