ECOTours - Georgian BayToday, COSMOS Yacht Charters guests are blessed to enjoy the incredible result from millions of years of evolution. This makes this area perfect for our ECO Tours while enjoying Georgian Bay sailing charters. A most remarkable feature of the islands of Georgian Bay, due to glaciation, is the incredible variety of plants and animals which are found within a relatively small area. In fact, more kinds of reptiles and amphibians live here than anywhere else in Canada, 33 species.

During our ECO tours we bring our guests to remote areas that can only be accessed by boat. This includes peaceful picturesque anchorages that are well protected, harboring breathtaking views enhanced by beautiful flora and fauna with plenty of wildlife.

ECO Tours - Georgian BayThis area harbours the world's largest fresh water ECO Museum. The Georgian Bay ECO Museum  designation brings together a greater respect for the ecology and the environment along with tourist and visitor experiences throughout the Georgian Bay region and the watersheds feeding into Georgian Bay.

The overriding objective is to strengthen and improve the presentation of the region's culture and nature in order to provide the local people and the many guests to the area with the best possible experiences.

Ecotourism helps builds awareness and respect for nature, habitat, and the environment. It accomplishes this by responsible travel to natural areas, which while travelling to these areas conserves and protects the local environment. Ecotourism is the fastest growing sector in travel and is very popular in many parts of the world. Georgian Bay and the North Channel are unrivalled in their ecotourism opportunities.

ECO Tours - Georgian Bay 


COSMOS Yacht Charters is committed to showing our guests this living museum in a manner that preserves the environment and biodiversity, while giving the deepest possible experience with nature!

Of particular interest is Beausoleil Island, the largest of the 63 island in the Georgian Bay Islands National Park, and it's situated only six miles from our sailing charter base in Midland, Ontario, Canada.