Our Five or Seven Day 'Cruise & Learn’ adventure sailing provides a professional Captain, modern luxury sailing yacht, training tuition, materials, text book, and testing.   Our ‘Cruise & Learn’ course includes training and testing of afloat skills, instruction on sailing theory (ashore skills), and an ashore skills written test with test feedback as required.  A Certificate is awarded at the completion of the course. Our Cruise & Learn course accommodates families learning and welcomes children.

The course outline is modeled after the Sail Canada (formally CYA) Basic Keelboat Cruising Standard curriculum.  We use the same text book as Sail Canada (‘Basic Cruising Skills’ by Gillian West - latest edition).

Our ‘Cruise & Learn’ course is conducted in a relaxed atmosphere while partaking in a five day or week-long sailing adventure cruise.  Throughout the five days, instruction is given daily on ashore skills (sailing theory), usually about 1-2 hours in the morning prior to departure.  While the vessel is underway, hands-on training is provided daily.  Routinely, the students are given the opportunity to demonstrate they have acquired the skills taught.  The instructor keeps track of skills demonstrated/learned by using an afloat skills check list to confirm what has been learned throughout the course.   By the end of the course, all the afloat skills will have been confirmed/tested.  Students learn sailing best by doing!   On the return trip back to the marina, on the last day, students write an ashore skills test.  Test is marked and constructive feedback given prior to the end of the cruise & learn course. 

A certificate is awarded after the course is successfully completed indicating proficiency and knowledge have been demonstrated in: Terms & Definitions; Gear & Equipment; Safety; Rules of the Road; Weather; Duties of Skipper & Crew; Seamanship; Making Fast & Snugging Down; Maneuvering Under Power; Boat Handling Under Sail.

Overall, there is a minimum of 12 hours spent on teaching theory, and minimum 20 hours dedicated to afloat skills training and practice.


  • Training is conducted throughout the week in a relaxed atmosphere while also enjoying adventure cruising on a modern luxury yacht.
  • Our training program is uniquely designed for families wherein children, who are not participating in the course, are most welcome. Special attention is given to the needs of children and/or guests who are not students of the C&L program. Ample opportunity is given to the children to partake daily in exploring in the dinghy, going ashore for hiking, swimming off the boat, or on sandy beaches, fishing, etc.
  • Students have the option of taking their course with our ‘Skipper Plan’ wherein guests provide their own provisioning (includes providing for the Captain/Instructor).  Guests are welcome to make full use of the large fridge, freezer, propane stove/oven/BBQ. Your Captain/Instructor will help with meal preparation and clean up;  OR
  • Students can take their course with our 'All-Inclusive Plan' wherein we will provide all the provisioning.
  • Guests are also given the opportunity to participate in operating the vessel, if desired.
  • Adventure itineraries are tailored to suit students/guests preferences. They can be tightly structured or loosely planned and are developed with the student/guests’ input.  A sample two day itinerary is provided here.

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