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1. Do we need any boating experience to charter a boat?

No experience is needed if you book a charter with our All-Inclusive or Skipper Plans because these charters come with a professional Captain. Experience is needed if you book a charter with our Bareboat Plan.


2. Are there any taxes that apply to a yacht charter?

Yes, cruise/charter rates are subject to 13% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax). Qualified foreign guests may be eligible for a refund on a portion of the tax.

3. Is there a fee charged for insurance?

There are no insurance premiums charged for our crewed All-Inclusive or Skipper Plans. If you book a charter on our Bareboat Plan, you will have to make a $4,000 security deposit. It will be refunded to you in full after the charter has finished with the confirmation of no loss or damage to the vessel or its equipment.


4. If we book an All-Inclusive charter, how does COSMOS know what foods and beverages we prefer?

Upon receipt of your charter deposit, we will send you our COSMOS ‘Journey Planner’ that will identify the foods and beverages you prefer.


5. How long does a Full-day charter last?

Typically, guests can expect to depart the marina at 0900 (9am), and would return by 1700 (5pm).

6. The full-day charter rate in peak season (without lunch provided) is $115.00 per person and the minimum charter rate for the day is $1,035.00. If my wife and I and our two children want to book a full-day charter, what rate per person would we pay?

Typically, a full-day charter would have between 8 and 12 guests on board. If you boarded the vessel with other guests, your charter rate would be $115.00 per person (peak season). If you and your family were the only guests booked for a day, COSMOS would offer a discount on the minimum charter rate for the day. COSMOS also identifies certain Saturdays during the peak season where guests are guaranteed to pay only $115.00 per person regardless of how many guests book the charter.

 7. If we book a cruise with a Captain on board, how much hands-on sailing and boat handling can we do?

Guests can be involved in sailing and boat handling as much as they like. In fact, COSMOS encourages active participation in every aspect of chartering and operating a yacht.

 8. Can we to learn how to sail while on a COSMOS charter?

Yes, basic sailing and navigation instruction is included in the charter fees for our crewed All-Inclusive and Skipper Plans. COSMOS also teaches a comprehensive five day or week-long ‘Cruise and Learn’ course that involves learning and testing for ashore and afloat skills. This allows guests/students to obtain a basic level of skill and theory in keelboat sailing while also enjoying a week-long cruise aboard a luxury yacht.

9. Can we book a short term charter (i.e. Day, Weekend, or Sunset Cruise) without having a Captain (Bareboat Plan)?

Yes, COSMOS is offering Bareboat Plan charters (without Captain and without provisioning) for shorter than a week.  A price premium will apply.  Please contact us for the details, pricing and availability.


10. What happens if we have to cancel a charter after we have paid the charter deposit?


Cancellations made up to 60 days or more prior to departure = deposit refunded less a $100.00 administration fee.

Cancellations made 60-45 days prior to departure = 25% of charter fee (if re-booked, deposit refunded less $100.00 administration fee).


11. What happens if we have to cancel a charter after we have paid the entire charter fee?

Cancellations made less than 45 days prior to departure = no refund (if re-booked, refund less 50% booking deposit.)


12. What happens if we need to re-schedule a charter for which we have already paid the deposit or already paid the entire charter fee?

There is no fee charged only if the charter can be re-scheduled to a new time that is available during the same charter season of the initial booking. If the charter cannot be re-scheduled to your desired new date, your deposit or entire charter fee can be applied to a future charter within one year of the initial booking. An additional charge will apply if the charter is not taken in the same season it was initally booked.